Raven Give Vancouver An Early Reason To Celebrate Halloween


The Red Room
Vancouver, BC
October 2, 2010

By Charlene Tupper

A night with the “Raven” shall show you the perfect night to begin the month of Halloween. Accompanying these metal thrashers are local Canadian bands, Striker, Magnus Rising, and Entropia. This combination of metal, shall show you a good night, here at the Red Room.

Striker, one of Edmonton’s most established metal bands, hit the stage with presence, energy, and what can only be described as pure talent. This 5 piece, speed metal band definitely has speed in their rhythm. They currently released their debut album, “Eyes in the Night” and shortly after that release, Striker was put on the bill for 2 of Germany’s biggest Open air festivals to date. This band definitely gave you “Full speed or No Speed”, the band had clarity, precision, and most of all, enthusiasm for their entire set, giving the crowd a burst of energy and positive feedback.

The second band to hit the stage was one of Vancouver’s more popular acts, Magnus Rising. You may recognize the name from when Iced Earth last came to town. Why? Because Magnus Rising was one of the opening performances that very evening. Forming in 2003, and having one full length album under their belt, these heavy/power metal hitters definitely have success in their “Reach”. Magnus Rising’s performance was well executed with singer, Aaron, holding his beer high, and singing clearly for all to hear. The band, however, played extremely well, with good amount of energy and stamina, giving fans a taste of what is to come, that is, their next studio album in the works.

Co-headliner this evening, was none other than Entropia. Their most recent release, “Electric Chaos” , has received a lot of positive feedback within the local metal scene, and these guys are ready, and there is “No Where to Hide”. Entropia has currently gone under some line up changes, unfortunately, Minsu Kim had to depart the band, due to career commitments, but, with Mecha Messiah’s guitarist, Mike Fezza, currently stepping into Minsu’s shoes, they’re on the right path to success. Entropia had a huge response from the crowd, the floor was packed full of friends and supporting fans dying to see the guys perform to their fullest. They did not disappoint. These almighty titan’s of Vancouver’s metal scene put on an amazing show, with all members having high energy, and musicianship beyond your imagination.

 The Pack is Back” as almighty Raven has once again, returned to Vancouver to put on one hell of a thrash metal show. Recently added to the 70,000 tons of metal cruise, this band has had their share of hard times, good times, and times where they had to “Walk through Fire”. Raven formed in 1974 by brothers Mark and John Gallagher, influenced by hard rock and progressive rock tendencies, giving Raven that old school sound that we all secretly love deep within ourselves. These godfathers of thrash walked on stage, crowd got close, so close, you could barely move. Mark walks out with his “Life’s a Bitch” panther guitar, and the crowd cheers. Raven has been around for numerous years, however, listening to the guys perform, it sounded beyond phenomenal with such high energy, as if it was 1974 all over again. They chanted to the audience, shouting at their fans and enjoying the energy and vibe throughout the whole room. Seeing Raven this cold, October evening was definitely more than just any rock show, it made you “Rock Until You Drop”.

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