December 10, 2022

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Rafael Kane, involved in Operation Medusa and close to Jean Allen, was arrested in Spain

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) confirmed the arrest of Rafael Kane. Was charged in Operation Medusa, Launched in June this year.

Kano was arrested by Interpol in Spain and had a red search alert. Once you arrive in the country at Los Americas Airport, you will be greeted by immigration and then handed over to PGR, which will give you a compulsion.

Rafael Stefano Kane Sacco was the director of the PGR cabinet during the administration of Jean-Alain Rodriguez (the main defendant in the case) and is described as one of the former lawyer’s closest and most trusted defendants.

The former top official had allegedly traveled to Spain a few days before the network was removed.

About Operation Medusa

On Monday night, June 28, a total of 38 simultaneous trials began in Santo Domingo, Zaragoza, La Vega and La Romana.Operation Medusa”, Harassment case against administrative corruption involving persons associated with the Attorney General’s Office.

Among those charged was former head of the company Jean-Alain Rodriguez, who was identified as the main culprit who swindled the Dominican state with more than six billion dollars during the last government administration of Danilo Medina.

In July, Judge Kenya Romero ordered the 18-month remand of Jean-Alain, Jonathan Joel Rodriguez Impert, Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto and Javier Alejandro Fortesa.

House arrest for Altagracia Gullén Calzado, Jenny Marte Peña and Rafael Antonio Mercedes Marte.

Miguel Jose Moya, who was Jean Alin’s adviser, was an occasional barrier to exit and exit. As well as a guarantee of one million pesos in the form of a contract.

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Judge Romero also declared the case complicated.