Rabbit Hole – DVD Review

Rabbit Hole DVD cover

Nicole Kidman appears to keep growing with each movie she makes and her latest to make it to Blu-Ray, Rabbit Hole, is no exception. What could have been a rather somber affair turned into an emotional journey with a rewarding ending in the tear-jerker of the year.

Becca (Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) mourn the death of their 4-year-old son, Danny (Phoenix List), who was killed in a car accident. The couple's relationship suffers from conflict. Becca wants to move and get on with their lives while Howie wants to keep Danny's room unchanged. Howie wants to have sex with Becca again and perhaps have a new baby, but Becca rejects his advances.

They attend a self-help group, but Becca is irritated by the group's justifications for her son's death. Howie continues to go to these meetings where he meets participant Gabby (Sandra Oh). Meanwhile, Becca starts meeting with Jason (Miles Teller), the boy responsible for Danny's death.

Having watched my own mother deal with the accidental death of my brother, it was easy to catch the similarities between Becca and my real-life mom as they both broke-down and came to face-to-face with those responsible for the death of their child. There was nothing fake about Kidman’s performance as she discovered who Jason was, as she slowly moved on with her life. My parents went through similar motions as the tension built, the counciling failed and the result was a move to a different province.

I love Kidman for her honesty with the role and I also love the fact that none of her other characters seem to appear in this film – she is 100% Becca, a mother scorned and deeply hurt. That’s one thing that Kidman does well – her characters don’t carry over.

As odd as this may seem, there are a bunch of extras on the Blu-Ray, but once the film was over, I was a satisfied customer and felt no need to investigate them any further. For me nothing more needed to be said. Becca won me over and I wanted to give her a giant hug at the end.