December 10, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II has expressed concern over allegations of workplace harassment against Megan Markle and has ordered an inquiry.

Megan Markle was reported for workplace harassment (Shutterstock)

Several Kensington Palace workers filed an official complaint in 2018 alleging harassment they allegedly received from the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle. According to the Times newspaper, the staff promised “He always had an employee in his view ”and“ unacceptable attitudes ”against his employees.

There was a quick response from Markley and her husband, Prince Harry, to the serious allegations, alleging that the newspaper had been used by their lawyers. A few days after the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey aired “sell completely false stories through Buckingham Palace”.

Instead of ending the scandal, the words prompted Buckingham Palace to issue a statement promising to fully investigate what happened to find out if Megan was harassing her workers. “We are deeply concerned about the allegations made by the Duke and former Duchess of Sussex’s staff,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

As agreed with our HR team, we will examine the circumstances described in the article. “He joined the British Royal House after hearing a complaint from three former Duchess employees. “Employees who worked with the nobles at the time, including those who left their post, will be invited to participate to find out if they can learn any lessons about what happened,” says one paragraph of the letter.

Official Report of the British Royal Family
Official Report of the British Royal Family

Markle, 39, She said she fell victim to a “calculated smear campaign” by her husband’s family.

Megan’s lawyers said he was found “He regrets this recent attack on him, especially the one who was bullied and the one who is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma.”

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Complain against him

Markle pointed to one Senior employee of Kensington Palace staff, Who provided Bullying report He and Prince Harry against the Duchess of Sussex before resigning from the British royalty.

The Times The complaint was reported October 2018 Jason Nauf, Who was Harry and Megan’s communications secretary at the time. He is believed to have said it The Duchess “evicted two personal assistants and undermined the confidence of a third staff”.

Says the newspaper Saif sent an email to Case, After talks with William, Duke of Cambridge and the current Cabinet Secretary, Boris Johnson, and Samantha Carruthers, Head of Human Resources. Case then referred it to Carruthers, who worked at Clarence House.

In the email, Nauf clarified it He was concerned that nothing had been done to protect the palace staff and that it would not be done in the future.

Megan Markle (Shutterstock)
Megan Markle (Shutterstock)

The Times Quotes e-mail in which Naf says he is. “It is of great concern that the Duchess may have intimidated two police assistants to the point of leaving home last year ”and that“ X-treatment (not to mention the staff) is completely unacceptable ”.

The Duchess is always sure to keep someone in her sight. She bullies Y, trying to undermine his confidence. We have received reports after reports from people who have seen unacceptable behavior on Y (another employee), Email continues.

According to the newspaper, Harry asked Knopf to drop the case, while doing nothing about those complaints to protect palace royalty.

Megan Markle gave an interview with Opera Winfrey, which can be found on CBS on Sunday, March 7
Megan Markle gave an interview with Opera Winfrey, which can be found on CBS on Sunday, March 7
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Markle, who is expecting her second child, wore shorts, which were wedding gifts from Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to a formal banquet in Fiji in 2018, shortly after she was accused by the United States of plotting to assassinate Jamal Kashogi.

According to the London newspaper, the Duchess at the time told her team to tell the press that the earrings were borrowed “even though they knew the look of the earrings”.

In a statement The Times, A Sussex spokesman said Tuesday’s report was a “slanderous response” to the “calculated campaign”. “False and Harmful Information”, And points out that “this is not a coincidence”, the couple “are going to talk honestly and openly about their experience in recent years.”

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