September 25, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth appoints new UK Prime Minister to Scotland

Queen Elizabeth appoints new UK Prime Minister to Scotland


LONDON – Queen Elizabeth II will appoint a new British prime minister next week at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – the first time the ceremony has been held in the highland suburb during the king’s long reign.

The ceremony, called “kissing hands”, is traditionally held at Buckingham Palace in London. It has been set in Balmoral, where the Queen is spending the summer, a palace official said, to provide certainty for prime ministers’ upcoming and outgoing schedules and to avoid any last-minute changes if the Queen encounters mobility difficulties.

Elizabeth, 96, has missed many events on the traditional royal calendar due to her health. But she did participate in her platinum jubilee celebration in June. And she doesn’t seem to want to delegate the first meeting with the person who will be her 15th prime minister.

How will the next British Prime Minister be chosen?

The Conservative Party expects to announce its new leader, and Britain’s next political leader, after votes are counted among party members on Monday.

According to the plan, outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson will travel to Balmoral on Tuesday. He will be taken to a room where he will bow to the Queen and tender his resignation. The two may talk a bit before Johnson leaves.

Soon, Johnson’s successor – either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak – will arrive and, after a bow or a bow, will ask the Queen for permission to form a new government.

Polls indicate Truss is the leading choice among “Determine“Of about 150,000-200,000 Conservative party members. She will be Britain’s third female prime minister.

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The Queen has canceled or scaled back many official duties since spending a night in hospital last year.

Her eldest son, Prince Charles, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has stood on his mother’s behalf on a number of occasions, including a celebration. Opening of the State of ParliamentOpening of the Commonwealth Games and Climate Conference COP26.

He has also taken his mother’s place during various events in her jubilee – although the Queen has made three appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, including One surprise On the last day of the festivities.

Queen Elizabeth II suddenly appears on the last day of Jubilee

Elizabeth has spent so little time at Buckingham Palace in recent years that she is said to have preferred the royal residence at Windsor Castle, west of London, along with the Scottish estate.