Quarantine 2: The Terminal – DVD Review

Quarantine 2: The Terminal

Quarantine 2: The Terminal is a sequel in the most exact sense of the definition – it takes place during events occurring as the first film comes to an end. The deadly virus has escaped the infected building and is now on board a late night flight. As police and Homeland Security deal with the events in the LA apartment from the first film, we are transported by plane to Flight 318 on route to Nashville in this film with a small group of passengers who are the next to face a deadly quarantine with infected people.

Forced to land at an isolated terminal because one of the passengers is experiencing symptoms similar to those from LA, the crew and passengers grow increasingly desperate as the infection begins to takes root. As the group is quickly surrounded and isolated from the outside world, the innocent passengers are suddenly transforming into terrifying, bloodthirsty killers who will go to any length to ensure no one remains alive.

Writer/director John Pogue presents a pretty terrifying film, while keeping within the realms of the bloodthirsty disease and its limits set by the first film. Although nowhere as exciting or well written as Pogue’s other written works US Marshals, The Skulls or Ghost Ship, Pogue does present a film with more action, gore and fear than the first one. It’s a case of a sequel being more potent and original than the original. Although the Spanish film Rec was the original influence and inspiration for its Quaratine remake, it’s nice to see that Pogue went his own way with the sequel, leaving Rec 2 out of it.

Quarantine 2: The Terminal is a great horror film with just the right mix of fear, gore and shock. It’s well written and could easily be seen without Quarantine in hand.