December 1, 2022

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Qatar 2021 Formula 1 Grand Prix

Follow the Qatar Grand Prix minute by minute; Max Verstappen was suspended with five seats; Secco starts at site 11; You have all F1 on Star +

You can follow Racecast here

Lewis Hamilton Kedar won the GB.

  1. Hamilton

  2. Verstappen

  3. Alonso

  4. Czech Perez

Dropping Voltaire Potass. Red Bull will deduct points from Mercedes in the Constructors Championship.

Seko passes Perez Strol and then Okan. Esteban gave the Mexican war a lot, but eventually got the Perez P5. Norris B4 and Alonso B3.

Seiko Perez fell to P7. Have to work to get to the Mexican stage.

Bits stops: Red Bull, after seeing what happened to Potos, do not go and stop their pilots. On the next lap (43rd) Mercedes does the same, they stopped Hamilton. All of the middle tire at the end of the race.

Fold 34/57: Puncture for Voltaire Potts! The Finnish rider had all the twists and turns with a medium tire and no longer liked the rubber. Loses many positions and time and who knows if something is broken at the flat base of the Mercedes. Pirelli warned that it would be difficult to get to a single stop.

Fold 29/57: Seko Perez passes Alonso on P4. Bottas P3 but should stop in pits.

Seco Perez and Fernando Alonso are fighting for the Asturians P4 position. They recovered several levels as they began to move into the remaining pylon pits. But this is a long bet for Mexico.

PITS: Hamilton had P1; Put Verstappen P2; Seiko Perez fell to B12. All with a rough edge.

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Lab 16/57: Seko Perez goes to P4 after passing Norris. For his part, Potass is also ahead of P6.

Hamilton picked up speed and left Max Verstappen. Seiko Perez P5 attacks Lando Norris.

Lap 8in 57: Seko Perez crossed the Science, and on the next lap he passed the Okan. Mexican P6.

Seiko Perez passed the Sunoda and is now the Mexican P8. Carlos Science Jr. Attack

Lab 3 of 57: Verstappen is the next P2 to overtake Casley, already past Alonso. Hamilton is 4 seconds behind P1.

Beginning of the race: Hamilton took the lead, while Alonso was able to send Casley to P2. Max Verstappen moved from P7 to P4. Seco Perez from P11 to P9.

So they start:

The Qatar Grand Prix, The final match of the season Formula 1This is important in terms of the Driving Championship and the Constructors Championship.

Lewis Hamilton will start from the pole, You will benefit even more after letting yourself know Permission to the current leader Championship, Dutch Max Verstappen, Who did not respect the double yellow flags in Saturday’s qualifying round.

As for Mexico Sergio ‘Seco’ Perez, Bad qualification precedes the day. Red Bull will have to fight to get driving points because he will start from eleventh place in the Qatar Prize.

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Seko Perez last failed to advance to Q3 at the Netherlands Grand Prix, where he qualified for 16th place. This prompted the Austrian team to make a power unit change to the RB16B and start from Pitlane.