December 6, 2022

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Puebla finds the boy crying emotionally in the match against Atlas

Mexico City /

After the Puebla reached a dramatic draw against Atlas on the 5th of the match Closing 2022 Of MX LeagueThe picture of a boy crying on the stand for the end went viral.

The big goal of the Chilean work William Martinez Has unleashed madness among fans from Puebla including DylanWho does not hold back tears as he celebrates the balance of his team.

The reason for that Puebla He started a campaign to find the most interested fan Margin And they succeeded DylanMinor’s name, witnessed the sweet potato practice to meet his idols.

Thanks, we found Dylan! On this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you a love story: it’s a boy and his football team. Today he met us for training Meet their heroes. This is the new generation of fans! “They wrote on Twitter.

“This is a good team that will never give up. Go to the field and you will not regret it. It was a good experience”, The boy pointed out.

Dylan toured with players and coach Nicholas LargamonWho already highlighted the celebration at the conference as a ‘after the accidentReward‘For your team.

“It simply came to our notice then We were very flexible looking at the pictureTo the whole football family, this excited boy cries for balance, This is very beneficial for us Look at these kinds of pictures because it makes sense We create identityWe’re sure these kids will be tomorrow’s fans, and the local fan base is very important to us … This boy named Dylan is the best example in it, Many of us love DylanIt feels like a bubble, They cry out to Puebla“, Said Ricardo Joyce, manager of sweet potatoes.

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