August 16, 2022

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PSG removes coach from women’s team over sexual harassment allegations

The revelation of the facts took place earlier in the week, when the social networking site Twitter continued to warn of allegations against the coach of a young player.

Coach of the Paris Saint-Germain women’s team, Didier Olle-NicoleThe club said in a statement that a player had been “barred” from his post following allegations of sexual harassment and other “inappropriate” behavior and words.

“If these facts and words are confirmed, they are inconsistent with PSG’s game and human values,” it said, adding that it took the situation “very seriously” and called for clarification of the allegations.

The revelation of the facts took place earlier in the week, when a series of messages on the social networking site Twitter warned of allegations against the coach, a young player, a minor, who told his parents that he had touched his buttocks after a match. .

Although they did not want to file an official complaint, the police initiated operations and conducted an investigation locally, in which several team officers, including the coach, were interrogated.

This brought to light other complaints from players against certain behaviors of the coach, who apologized to the team.

But the club, already skeptical of his continuation, decided to go further and removed him from his duties.

This new case also connects with what happened to the women PSG, such as the attack last November Keira HamroyThis has not yet been clarified, or the fight he had with several teammates before the semifinals Champions League Against him Lyons Last April 24.

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