May 20, 2022

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PS Plus March 2022 PS5 and PS4 games announced

PS Plus March 2022 PS5 and PS4 games announced

March 2022 PS Plus The lineup has been officially announced, and if you can believe it, the leaks are back! That’s right, we’ve had an entire month without PS Plus leaks, but now we’re back to our usual schedule, it seems.

And yes, the leaked game selection was correct. Your PS Plus games for March 2022 are as follows:

An interesting lineup, not least because there is such a focus on multiplayer (Ghostrunner aside).

Ghost of Tsushima Legends was first launched as a free-to-play exclusive samurai-style co-op multiplayer mode from Sony, and actually became a standalone release months later. It’s a solid task-based game and has always been fairly popular, but we’re assuming its inclusion in PS Plus is designed to boost player numbers (while also giving Sony an easy addition to its subscription service).

Meanwhile, Team Sonic Racing has been available for some time PS now (It was added in the summer of last year), which will inevitably lead to more criticism of how the two Sony subscriptions continue to get on their toes.

And Ark: Survival Evolved has always been a multiplayer-enabled survival title – complete with a massive amount of premium DLC.

Ghostrunner is the oddball, then – a single-player, first-person platformer. A fun game by almost all accounts, but it should be noted that you only get the PS5 version, not PS4 version.

All three games will be available for download starting next Tuesday – March 1st. GTA Online It arrives a little later, on the 15th of March – as previously announced.

What do you think of PS Plus games in March 2022? Give us an honest feedback in the comments section below.

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