November 28, 2022

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Prior to his arrest, General Torres Robio was interrogated for six hours

The lawyer for General Juan Carlos Torres Robio described the arrest of his client overnight for administrative corruption as part of Operation Corel 5G.

Legal expert Condito Simone Polanco said there was no need for “outrage”If this officer, knowing that it is an investigation, does not conceal anything or divert anything, he writes to the Ministry of Public Works and places the post in Chestour at the disposal of the President.

He noted that every time his client was called, he appeared alone or with lawyers and appeared only yesterday. Wilson volunteered for Camacho’s summons, Director of the Office of the Special Attorney for Anti-Corruption (PEPCA), announced his investigation into more than six hours.

He said Torres Robio, as a pilot, did not escape and that he had explained the legal source of his assets to Pepco and Percussion’s lawyers in a transparent manner.

“This arrest would endanger everyone mentioned on a social network, and any thief would refer to it as impunity for putting anyone in front of the media,” the legal expert argued.

He argued that experience had taught him that when the liar returns, the impudence will not be rewarded, and the impudence and self-confidence of a false witness will not withstand the onslaught of a leading criminal process.

If you’re going to do bad, he said, “Do good,” because the world will change and respect for dignity, good name and guarantee will one day knock on your door.

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