December 7, 2022

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Prince Harry finds a job in a California startup

BetterUp offers trainings to create a healthy mental environment in the workplace.

Prince Henry of England announces transfer to an administrative post at the beginning of the estimated Silicon Valley (California, USA) 7 1.7 billion.

Duke of Sussex, who has lived in California with his wife since last year, ‘Impact Director‘BetterUp, in a mental health care business, he will help corporate giants promote the app used to improve the well-being of their employees.

“I firmly believe in focusing Prioritize our fitness Opens mental capacity and [hace surgir] We do not know within ourselves […] To find your own version you need to be mentally compatible and have a support system around it Maximum performance“, Wrote Prince on the corporate blog.

His work will focus on raising awareness of the importance and need for mental health, guiding BetterPub’s social work and impact, influencing the site’s vision and the experiences of its members, and expanding the global community of business.

Alexei Robichocks, the company’s chief executive, declined Specify what the salary is The actual manager in a job that is usually paid with a six or seven digit amount, Reports Daily Mail.

BetterUp emplea a 2.000 Therapists and ‘practitioners’ Training on how to maintain good mental health of employees through in-app video conferencing.

A 12-month membership costs 6,600 per employee, and a half-year membership costs about $ 2,000.

Founded in 2013, this business provides services Large companies With more than 10,000 employees, including Hilton, Facebook and Chevron.