September 29, 2022

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, a new work

(CNN) – Prince Harry has a new job. He is now the Chief Assault Officer at Petrope, a San Francisco-based technology training company.

On the company’s leadership page, Prince Harry describes himself as a “senior humanitarian, military, mental health consultant and environmental activist.”

“I want to help make an impact in people’s lives,” Prince Harry told the Wall Street Journal when asked why he accepted the job. “Effective training offers endless possibilities for personal development, greater awareness and a better life in all aspects.”

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Better describes his work on his website as follows: “Open up more potential, purpose and interest. We have been pioneers in the development of all people since 2013. We believe that health and peak performance go hand in hand. By unleashing personalized support and mental capacity, you unleash your personal and professional potential. BetterUp Experience brings together world-class professionals in training, artificial intelligence technology and behavioral science to measure change, improve personal regression, adaptability and performance. Results? Helping people to live more meaningful and vibrant lives.

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A company spokesman confirmed in an email to CNN that Prince Harry had joined the company.

A Sussex spokesman confirmed the new appointment.

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