Primal Fear: All Over The World – DVD Review


Primal Fear

Primal Fear’s live DVD All Over the World is the perfect showcase of one of hard rock’s unsung heroes. It’s not a big budget production like a KISS, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest release would be, but it records the band on multiple cameras and more importantly, captures the essence of the 16.6: Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead Tour.

Primal Fear are a contemporary power metal band that’s melodic enough for hard rock fans and just heavy enough to attract the finicky thrash metal crowd.
Although a bit loaded down with an abundance of newer material from the New Religion and 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead) albums, All Over The World does still kick some serious ass. Anyone watching this performance will be instantly taken in by the enthusiasm of the band and Ralf Scheepers’ killer voice.

The mix isn’t as punchy or heavy as their earlier live release, The History Of Fear, but only a die-hard fan might notice the difference. Featuring live tracks shot in Europe and America, it can sometimes feel a little odd as they attempt to make it look like a single concert, but as a chronicle of the last tour, it’s wonderful. There’s also an abundance of great bonus material, including five music videos, a making of the “16.6: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” album, and an extensive bootleg section of live recordings and interviews.

If you’re looking for something new or are a bit curious about what Primal Fear have been up to, then All Over The World is a perfect choice.

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