August 16, 2022

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PQ’s friends gave Shakira a nickname because she did not like her, which is a medio timbo

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In early June, a “bomb” exploded around one of the most popular couples in sports and music: Gerard Hammert and Shakira split up While other versions point to economic problems, it was said to be a betrayal of the Barcelona player. As the days go by, more details and leaks come out Biku’s friends nicknamed Shakira “hateful”.

The two had a 12-year relationship in which, it is alleged, those close to the Spanish defender did not have a good relationship with the Colombian artist. Spanish spokeswoman Lorena Vasquez reveals on TV in Barcelona Shakira’s nickname And some details of the little love he had with the football player’s friends.

The nickname given to Shakira by Biku’s friends

According to the Catalan editor, Shakira never got along with Gerrard Pique’s friendsTo the extent that they put one The nickname of the parodyThe singer mentions that “Host” For her strong temperament and little kindness, she was aware, and had created many frictions without realizing she was being protected by her ex-partner.

Also, the journalist further commented Shakira wants to leave Barcelona soon, Arguing that he was still there because he had no friends in town and he was with Biku. The translator is one more reason for this “Barefoot” Y “Wakka Wakka” He wants to go to America with his children.

Why are Shakira and Bigway not married?

The The breakdown of love between the singer and the football player Created endless doubts and questions about their relationship, one of the most important of which was knowing Why didn’t they get married. The Colombian answered in an interview with the American network CBS.

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Marriage scares me. He does not want to see me as his wife, but rather as his girlfriend, his girlfriend. It’s like that forbidden fruit: I want to keep an eye on him, I think everything is possible depending on his behavior, “he shared on 2020 ’60 Minutes’.