November 28, 2022

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Potass won the goal against Verstappen; Seko will start fourth in the Brazilian GB

Mexico City /

Red bull A bad start and Mercedes Can stay with the pole Voltaire Potass Who did not leave Max Verstappen To achieve that, thank you for taking first place Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint; When Mexican Sergio Perez Failure to hit will start in fourth place this Sunday Carlos Science.

Verstappen never took the lead during 24 laps, after an initial engine failure in his car, on the other hand his rival Lewis Hamilton In the sprint he was able to advance from 25th to fifth, thus returning to 10th.

Science was amazing, One of the best shows for Ferrari; He started fifth in the sprint, passing Casley and Seko before turn 1

Given this, Czech He said, “We went much better after the first few laps, but after that the tires got hot and it was hard to get through. You had to take unnecessary risks today.”

In general, to highlight what Hamilton did, despite being allowed in the morning, he was disqualified for possessing Lewis’ Mercedes illegal TRS in the qualifying round on Friday, climbing 15 places in 24 rounds in the seven-time champion sprint. Must be within the first 10 Brazilian G.P..

On the other hand, Fernando Alonso He initially lost positions and went without a chance to enter the top 10, finishing 12th.

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