November 28, 2022

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Portland coach Giovanni Savaris was delighted with Kervin Ariaga: ‘He got places, we enjoyed it’ – Ten

Coach Timbers While steering Marathon He had the ball and he was the one who put the most danger towards his goal. The boy from Honduras’ sub-23 is on a good level and his progress has put the Americans in trouble.

Savaris hopes it will be even more complicated for the second leg Marathon He will die trying to classify. Now they will get the benefit of playing at home, but nothing is defined and he regrets that some things did not come out. He complained about how heavy the Olympic field was.

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“It was a game we expected, it would be difficult, it would be complicated by the court to move the ball vertically. There will come a time when the heat and the pitch are going to affect us, but we handled the game well to implement what was planned. We struggled a little more in the last minutes,” said Saueris.

About the work you have done Kerwin AriagaAs a marathon runner, the coach praised the “small missile” as important in this competition. “I admired Ariaka’s work, he had places to make the marathon more dangerous, we struggled in those minutes, but we controlled the whole game because we knew it would be like this.”

According to. When and where is the return match?

Football factors that were good for him: “We came to get a good result, we were looking for a win, but 2-2 and goals were important, unfortunately we saw how they beat us in a game they provided with a tough marathon of interesting footballers expected. Teacher Vargas kept the young footballers who had the energy of the game, and it was complicated. I’m glad my boys did. “

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He does not feel categorized, however he will play at home in the second stage: “He presents himself in a positive way to return to Portland, but I am not satisfied because the game will be tough, it will be very difficult because he can try to qualify for the marathon that takes everything, it is very competitive with ourselves Let’s prepare better ”.