November 30, 2022

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Port-au-Prince under siege – Mountain hunters to the border

Department experts warned yesterday that the operation of telecommunications networks in Haiti has been severely affected by fuel shortages caused by increasing gang control over the capital.

“I have never seen anything like it in ten years,” Maarten Boute, CEO of Digicel Phone, which accounts for 75% of the Haitian market, told AFP.

“Today there are 430 infected antennas out of 1,500 antennas across the country, which hurts millions of customers,” he said.

Gangs controlling much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, block access to oil terminals, a problem that has plagued fuel supply for months.

This situation leads to the interruption of the mobile telecommunication service because the antennas are powered from heat generators.

“We now have a small fuel reserve that allows us to maintain service to provincial cities and Port-au-Prince’s most important cities on a day-to-day basis,” Morton Bott said, noting that most fuel deliveries are made. By motorcycle.

The strikes spread
A general strike called by transport unions has been taking place in the capital and several provinces of the country since Monday. Schools and shops were closed Tuesday in Port-au-Prince, where generally bustling streets were deserted.

Fuel shortages also threaten the operation of some hospital structures in the country.

In a statement on Sunday, Pierre Honnarat, the UN humanitarian coordinator in the country, warned that lives could be “lost” if fuel supplies did not reach hospitals immediately.

Gang members win
For a long time in the impoverished neighborhoods of the capital, armed gangs have taken more and more control of the territory as kidnappings in the country have also increased in recent months.

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One of the gangs is demanding a $ 17 million ransom to free a group of missionaries and their families abducted east of Port-au-Prince on October 16 – 16 Americans and a Canadian.

Mountain hunters reach the border
Yesterday, members of the Cazadores de Constanza battalion arrived to strengthen the northern Dominican border, an operation that will occur when Haiti records waves of unrest.

Through the border area, roads, highways, mountains and other places that Haitians can use, soldiers go to prevent them from entering the country illegally.

Moreover, under the command of Colonel German Rosario Perez, the Fourth Brigade, based in Mao, doubled its operations in the four northwestern provinces.

Monitored stations
Surveillance has been stepped up at petrol stations in Dajapon, Montecristi and other cities in the northwest, to avoid fuel being shipped to Haiti.

Meanwhile, the military is preventing Haitians from transferring jugs of petrol and diesel to their country.

Shortages and rising fuel prices, coupled with the kidnapping and terrorism of criminal gangs, have led to violent protests in Haiti that have already spread to the Juana Méndez, 600 meters from Dajabón.

The arrival of Haitians at gas stations, mainly in Dajabón and Manzanillo, is causing inconvenience to Dominicans.

Anatocas responds
Juan Matos, president of the National Association of Petrol Retailers (ANDECOS), promised yesterday that the fact that fuel is being supplied to Haitians in the Dominican Republic does not mean that it will be affected by the crisis and shortage in their country. Local demand.

“The amount sold is not enough to exhaust the country’s goods,” Matos said. “The refinery is doing very well on the supply issue,” he added.

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Exacerbates the crisis

Will operate.
From Peternalus, Listin Diorio’s correspondent, Odalis Base, said two tanks of soldiers attached to the Special Border Security Force (Cessfront) and a truck full of several jugs and several motorcycles, driven by Haitians, were full of tanks. Sent to Haiti.

Detained motorcycles and trucks are at the headquarters of the Chessfront forces in this border area for related purposes.