December 1, 2022

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Pope prays for end to epidemic and “horizon of hope”

On Saturday at St. Peter’s Basilica Pope Francis withdrew a special prayer service calling for an end to the epidemic and what he called the “horizon of hope” in which scientists could determine how to overcome the virus.

Francisco led a rosary service, which was attended by about 200 believers, including several children, who sat down to respect the rules of social distance due to the corona virus.

Speaking quietly, Francisco lamented that the epidemic was “buried in pain, grief, and sorrow for their dead loved ones, sometimes in a way that hurts the soul.”

Francis prayed that “this difficult test will come to an end and the horizon of hope and peace will return.” The pope prayed for health workers based on the fight against the disease and that “scientific men and women should find appropriate solutions to overcome this virus.”

He recalled in his statement “all women who experienced violence within the walls of their homes” during forced imprisonment due to infection.

In his prayer, the pope urged national leaders to use their wisdom and generosity to plan social and economic solutions “with foresight and unity.” He called for the use of military funds in research to “prevent similar disasters in the future.”

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