May 19, 2022

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Pope Francis uses a wheelchair in public for the first time | Pope Francis

Pope Francis was seen using a wheelchair in public for the first time on Thursday, days after he said he was being treated for knee pain.

The Pope, who had been in pain in his right knee for some time, was taken to Paul VI Hall in Vatican City to meet nuns and mothers from all over the world.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera on Tuesday, Francis, 85, said he was about to undergo a “minor offside intervention” due to a strained ligament.

At the end of a meeting with bishops from Slovakia last week, the seated Pope apologized for not being able to get up on his feet to greet his guests.

“There is a problem, this knee is not working,” he said. “I must obey the doctor who told me not to walk.”

Il Messaggero said the nuns paid tribute to the Pope at length when his most trusted lieutenant took him into the room. Although he had used a wheelchair before, this was the first time he had appeared in a wheelchair in public.

Pope also told Corriere that he is “ready to travel to Moscow” after he asked to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the war in Ukrainebut has not yet received a response.

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Francis was scolded by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, after urging him not to become a Kremlin “altar boy” in the interview. Kirill, a close ally of Putin who supports the war in Ukraine, accused the pope of choosing an “incorrect tone” to convey his message and that such statements would harm the dialogue between the two churches.

while, Madonna He asked to meet with the Pope. The singer wrote on her Twitter account: “I’m a good Catholic. I swear! I mean I don’t swear! It’s been a few decades since my last confession. Will it be possible to meet someday to discuss some important matters?”

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