September 29, 2022

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Pompeo: Barcelona and Atletico seek Griezmann’s place – Dice

Barcelona Y Atletico de Madrid They have a good relationship when making important signatures.

Artha Duran, Antoine Griezmann And some clear examples from Luis Suarez, when negotiating, everything could go well between the two parties.

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Now, today comes a barter message they can do Barcelona Y Atletico de Madrid.

Both parties see the exchange of stars with good eyes Griezmann-Joa Felix. This news was delivered by Louis Connaught in Ones from his breeding Esport 3 Game World, The main interests, the public interest association, sports and the economy, which will benefit all parties involved.

One advantage of this process is that both players had the same price. The French striker will cost மில்லியன் 120 million, Greissman And 126, Portuguese Joa Felix.

Griezmann will be able to reunite with his old Atletico friends next season.

In Atletico de Madrid Consider that they can regain the best position Greissman, Indebted to him Barcelona And after he was unable to replace Luis Suarez. The number of goals says it all.

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For its part, Barcelona Is excited about Joa Felix, Just 21 years old and his future can offer a lot of magic.

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