December 10, 2022

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Political crisis in Argentina: Alberto Fernandez spokesman appointed by Christina Kirschner resigns

Juan Pablo Bionde resigned and became the first official to leave the government

Juan Pablo Bionde, A spokesman for Alberto Fernandez has announced his unconditional resignation amid a political crisis facing the government. Christina Kirschner She pointed the finger at him in a letter released Thursday.

“I am pleased to write to you on December 10, 2019, my unconditional resignation from the post of Secretary and Press Secretary of the Argentine Presidency for honoring me. This decision was triggered by the crisis unleashed in the last hours, and I hope that being removed from office will contribute to reassuring us of these difficult moments in which we have to live.He said in his resignation letter posted on his social media sites.

“Only you know your investment and my commitment, commitment and credibility to your person in this long journey that I have gone through with you,” he added.

Alberto Fernandez with Santiago Cabrio and Juan Pablo Fiondi
Alberto Fernandez with Santiago Cabrio and Juan Pablo Fiondi

Later, he dedicated a column to Christina Kirschner, who yesterday harshly criticized the role of the spokesperson: I am saddened and sorry that the Vice President of the Nation, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, has misunderstood me and considers her to be the undeniable leader of the political space she represents. I have always been a professional in my relationship with Reconciliation, Reconciliation and Tolerance and my relationship with the media.

“Mr. President, I am confident that this new position to begin with will be greater than ever before. , I reiterate the immense honor of accepting the greatest humanitarian tragedy, such as the Kovit 19 epidemic, which has wounded us since last March. I faced it vaguely. “

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In a letter issued on Thursday, he personally pointed out against former President Beyondi: “I will not tolerate any further press action against me and our political space by its spokesperson from the presidential context.”

He added: “Regarding the type of officers who do not work … the Presidential Spokesman will escape from that category. This is a rare case: a presidential spokesman whose voice is unknown. Or is there some other function we don’t know about? For example who has to do the off-off operation? The real mystery. ”

President Belize and Vitobello arrive in Gaza Rosada, but without Beyondi
President Belize and Vitobello arrive in Gaza Rosada, but without Beyondi

Pioneer’s departure was confirmed after the government’s massive defeat in the primary election. Although it will take a few more hours for the Argentine president to describe the new cabinet, He is ready to “hand over” Santiago Cofiro, the leader of the ministers and the leader of his most trusted. This is another claim of Christina Kirschner. He will be replaced by one of the most successful Peronist governors in the Primaries.

Two photos on Thursday raised suspicion. Alberto Fernandez received provincial leaders Sergio Yunok (San Juan) and Tukuman Juan Manzoor at Olivos. Both are now reluctant to join the cabinet. They said they wanted to stay in their provinces to strengthen the campaign for the general election in November and not to lose political capital. To enter the cabinet after the election, they asked for guarantees: They want the other two representatives of the coalition, Christina Kirschner and Sergio Massa, to personally recognize the offer that Fernandes made to them yesterday.

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The first signs of leaving the Pioneer government were seen this morning when the head of state was taken to Gaza Rosada. Gustavo Belize and Julio Vitobello but without their spokesperson, something regular.

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