August 20, 2022

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‘Polilo’ Gomez surprised by Honduras call to close Congolese angle

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Hernான்n Tario ‘Polilo’ Gomez made the official call to the Honduran national team to close the Concacaf tie for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this Friday, from which the national team has already been eliminated.

The Colombian coach decided to invite 26 footballers for Biegler’s last three games, looking for his first win on the octagonal path to complete the losing process.

‘Bolillo’ Gómez summoned all three guest players as part of the concentration. They are Selvin Guevara (Honduras Progresso), Gerson Chavez (Real Spain) and Marvin Bernardes (Vida).

Honduras will face Panama on Thursday, March 24, then receive Mexico at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday, March 27, and end up going to Jamaica on Wednesday, March 30.

In the points table of the World Cup qualifiers, Bicolor has only three points as a result of three draws and eight defeats.

The list highlights the absence of Albert Ellis, Anthony ‘Soko’ Lozano and Debbie Flores, who cannot travel to these tournaments because their teams are fighting not to be expelled from Europe. Manor Fikurova did not appear either.

Call to Honduras:

Louis Lopez (Real Spain)
Etrick Mengever (Olympia)
Roberto Lopez (life)

Denil Maldonado (Modagua)
Franklin Flores (Royal Spain)
Marcelo Santos (Mottagua)
Alans Vargas (Marathon)
Marcelo Pereira (Mottagua)
Wesley Texas (Modagua)
Carlos Argueta (life)
Tevron Garcia (Real Spain)

Edwin Rodriguez (Olympia)
Kervin Arriaga (Minnesota United / USA)
Alfredo Magia (Levadiago / Greece)
Christian Saxa (Honduras Progress)
Jonathan Nunes (Modagua)
Joseph Rosales (Minnesota United / USA)
Juan Delcado (Modagua)
Brian Acosta (Colorado Rapids / USA)
Alexander Lopez (Alajulence / Costa Rica)
Kevin Lopez (Contact / Guatemala)

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Rommel Kyoto (CF Montreal / Canada)
Ricoberto Rivas (Regina / Italy)
Angel Tejoda (Modagua)
Junior Footballer (Real Spain)
Edwin Solano (marathon)

Selvin Guevara (Honduras improve)
Gerson Chavez (Real Spain)
Marvin Bernadette (life)