December 10, 2022

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Police: The death of Jean Alain’s bodyguard was under attack

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Despite questions from prosecutors and demographics, the National Police is qualified to carry out an attack in which the bodyguards of Army Major and former lawyer Jean-Alain Rodriguez, Jose Antonio Santana de la Cruz are killed. , Personal documents, money and the weapon of an army officer were seized, and they point out that four persons were involved in the attack and the double murder.

According to the National Police Report, Major Santana de la Cruz, 48, and Perez Mundes, 63, had just finished dinner at a hotel in the city and were returning home after stopping at the officer’s house in Villa Mella. The canvas of the vehicle in which they were traveling, identified them only as Amury ri Peace de la Rosa and the other three men as “Brian”, “Taika” and “Morocco” and removed them as the old man. When a dangerous shooting causes injury.

When he saw the move, Perez Mundes caused a fight, which resulted in a bullet that caused his death, as well as a similar fatal wound sustained by one of his comrades who ran away with him. Ney Arias was dropped off in front of Lora Traumatological Hospital, not far from the event.

Defense by Jean Alain

Prosecutors for the former lawyer pointed out that the senior’s death was “very suspicious” because it happened a few days after he met Rodriguez in Najo, and that “people identified as members of the National Police entered his home and stole it without permission. Some recording devices from security cameras.”

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While Rodriguez’s “Security Council” reiterated its readiness to cooperate with authorities in the investigation to clarify the dual crimes, the National Police demanded the immediate release of videos containing footage of the events.

Faced with the allegations, National Police spokeswoman Ana Jimenez Cruseta told Liston Diaryo that all “site inspections” were underway and that the case was still under investigation.

“The Rodriguez family wants to express its deepest pain and grief to the families and close associates of Messrs. Santana and Mundes,” the Security Council said.

PLD asks to inquire

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has demanded that the government and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) investigate the assassination of Jose Antonio Santana de la Cruz, the head of the National Army who was the bodyguard of former lawyer Jean-Alain Rodriguez. .

The PLD’s Secretariat for Legal Affairs demanded that the government make special efforts, make all efforts and carry out all necessary investigative procedures, in the shortest possible time, to determine the motive for the assassination of a senior officer of the National Army. Jose Santana de la Cruz has been an associate of former Republican Attorney General Jean-Alain Rodriguez for 12 years, resulting in Mr. Manuel Mundes also brings to justice those responsible for this heinous act of assassination. The opposition said in a statement.

He expressed concern that a few days after the high-ranking officer met Rodriguez at Najayo prison, he had been in ambush with another man at dawn and a group of people who identified themselves as police officers had entered the house a few hours later. The murdered officer said they stole items related to the investigation into the illegal activity of the capital.

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Monsignor Castro Martே condemns the crime

The Bishop of the Diocese of La Altacrecia, Monsignor Jesus Castro Martே, has expressed regret over the murder of announcer Juan Francisco Perez Mundes (Manny), which took place early yesterday morning during the attack on Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norde.

The pastor wrote on his Twitter account, “Returning to normalcy will not lead us to a society of abuse and insecurity. The death of Manny Mendes and his comrade alerts us. The protection of citizens is essential. “