December 10, 2022

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Police shot and killed a black man in Minneapolis

(CNN) – Early Wednesday morning, Minneapolis police officers gently placed a key on the door of an apartment building in the city, before chanting “Police! Search warrant!” Shouted. According to body camera footage, city officials released it Thursday night.

For the next few seconds, a black man was asleep and when he woke up he found himself holding a gun and was shot. Police say his name did not appear on any search warrant prior to entry, and attorneys for the man’s family say he legally possessed his firearm.

It highlights the use of firing warrants and highlights the police department that has faced criticism in the past.

In May 2020, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department were involved in the murder of George Floyd, who had previously been fired and charged with his death. National outrage over the murders of Floyd and Prona Taylor, who were shot dead by police during a march in Kentucky, sparked continued protests and calls for police reform.

Footage on police cameras shows officers entering the home just minutes before meeting Amir Lock, who was shot and killed.

That summer, Minneapolis announced a new unannounced entry policy aimed at curbing the “possibility of bad results”. Except in certain circumstances, such as hostages, officers are required to declare their presence and purpose before entering.

Family and city prosecutors have identified the man who was shot and later died as Amir Lok. Police said his name was not on the original search warrant.

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Jeff Storms, one of the Locke family lawyers, echoed the findings to CNN.

“As far as I know, this does not appear in any search warrant,” he said. “It’s not even a goal.”

Storms added: “The city of Minneapolis has told the public to limit the use of warrants to ‘limit the possibility of adverse consequences. Within two years, Amir Lok and his family suffered the worst consequences unnecessarily. Our city must function better.”

According to Minneapolis Police, Minneapolis authorities have executed an arrest warrant related to a murder investigation in nearby St. Paul.

“At this time, it is unclear whether he (Locke) was involved in the St. Paul interrogation or how,” said Minneapolis Interim Police Chief Amelia Huffman during a news conference Thursday night.

“These events unfold in seconds, but the shock lasted. A young man lost his life and his friends and family are in mourning,” Huffman said, describing it as a sobering moment.

Body camera video shows a shoot

After police entered the apartment, officers quickly identified a person inside, body camera footage shows.

“Hands! Hands! Hands!” While others shouted, an officer shouted, “Get off the ground!” As they walk to the back of a bed, according to the footage, a man wrapped in blankets is seen at 6:48 p.m. It looks like an agent kicking the back of the sofa and waking up the man looking up to see the agents around him.

He begins to try to climb to his feet, still covered with blankets, and can be seen holding a gun. Three shots are then heard from the agents.

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The screenshot provided by the police department of the body camera video shows the gun more clearly.

“The agent involved was out of the direction of the cannon coming out of the blanket,” Huffman said.

Based on the brief video and image provided, CNN could not independently confirm where the gun was pointed, but requested a body camera video from other responding officers.

The video was released at various speeds: one version was edited by the city in real time, the other two to reduce its speed. In total, 14 seconds pass in real time.

“As they get closer, you can see a gunshot coming out of the blanket, with a person coming out from under the blanket,” Huffman said. “The officer must assess the circumstances and make a split-second decision to determine if he perceives an obvious threat, whether the threat is immediate harm, major physical harm or death, and he must take immediate action to protect you and your associates.

The initial statement from the authorities said, “Delegates met a man armed with a handgun in the direction of the delegates.”

Mark Hanman, an officer identified by the city of Minneapolis, shot and killed Locke. Police say he was immediately assisted as officers took him to the lobby to meet with paramedics.

Lock was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where he died, police said.

A Minneapolis city spokesman said Hahnemann has been placed on administrative leave pending an ongoing investigation. CNN tried to contact Hannemann and approached the Minneapolis Police Association for comment, but no response was forthcoming.

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“The Minnesota Criminal Bureau was notified immediately and is leading the criminal investigation,” Huffman said Wednesday.

A spokesman for the St. Paul Police Department confirmed to CNN that the murder investigation, which is the source of the original arrest warrant, is still ongoing.

Police said no gun was recovered from the apartment.

Benjamin Crump, another of Locke’s family lawyers, said in a statement: “Locke, who has several family members in law enforcement, has no prior criminal record and was legally in possession of a firearm at the time of his death.

“As in the case of Prona Taylor, the tragic murder of Amir Locke shows the form of unannounced warrants that could have dangerous consequences for black Americans,” Crump said.

Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician, was shot dead by officers in Louisville at his home in March 2020 during a police search.

A large jury did not blame any authorities for his death. An officer, Brett Hankison, is accused of indiscriminately shooting at a neighbor’s apartment during the shooting. He is innocent and court proceedings are ongoing.

A virtual press conference with the Lok family and their lawyers is scheduled for Friday morning.