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Playmate Sasha Bonilova Says She’d Love To Remodel The Playboy Mansion

Sasha BonilovaIf motorcycles and beautiful blondes manage to rev your engines, then grease monkeys everywhere should drop their lube and go grab the newest issue of Playboy magazine. With the beautiful and seductive Miss May, this issue is bound to make this month truly unforgettable. Sasha Bonilova’s new life as the Playmate of the Month has been a ground-breaking experience for the Ukrainian born playmate.

“Honestly, I feel like my life’s one big dream right now. Everyday offers new and refreshing experiences! Honestly at first it didn’t hit me. It was a very slow process and even after all the photo shoots and seeing myself in magazines, it still hasn’t quite sunk in.”

She is depicted as a grease monkey in the latest issue, yet this biker chick admits she enjoys motorcycles for the experience, not the mechanics, “Nothing can beat the energy you get when the wind rushes over you as you drive.”When asked if she enjoys seeing articles of playmates on motorcycles she explains, “Of course I do. Playboy is very particular when designing the theme of the photo shoot. They usually base the theme around the girls personality to help make us feel more comfortable. So seeing the girls and the bikes are great. They always look hot.”

With the tattoo and sex appeal to fit the biker chick bill, Sasha remains sentimental as she takes great pride in her tattoo. “Down my side is a little girl with wings, which is based off an old fairy-tale character from when I was younger. I got in a time of my life were it felt like the skies are the limit, that all my dreams were within my reach. I really wanted a constant reminder of that feeling.”

Although viewers will not be able to see her tattoo in this month’s issue, everyone can see it up close and personal on a recent episode of The World Of Playboy. She is featured alongside fellow playmates Miss April’s Jaclyn Swedberg and upcoming Miss June, Mei-Ling Lamb. “We shot the episode at the Malibu mansion which is along Malibu beach, it was absolutely gorgeous. Shooting the episode really was an amazing experience and Jaclyn and Mei-Ling are such great people to work with.” While working towards an Interior Design Degree Sasha had been approached numerous times by people telling her to try out for Playboy magazine. “It even got to the point that strangers off the street would tell me to go and try out, which was incredibly flattering and a real confidence boost. With so much support it helped me muster up
my courage and finally audition.”

Taking matters into her own hands, she pursued Playboy by flying to Denver for auditions. She was accepted with open arms, as she laughs, “They told me instead of flying all the way from Chicago to Denver that I should have just gone up to the mansion and said hello.” Although Sasha is not living at the mansion, her drive to be an interior designer has her renovating in her mind wherever she goes. “When I first walked into the Playboy mansion, of course I saw things I would want to change if it was my house. As a designer you can’t really turn that part of your brain off. But I was only a visitor so I kept my mouth shut,” she laughs. “Honestly though, the mansion is already incredibly designed!”

Even though her new life has her busier than sin, she admits working for Playboy has been a great addition to her life. “I always try to push myself to give 100% in anything that I do. I may have a very busy schedule, but being a Playmate has been a huge growing experience for me. I have never been so grateful for an opportunity like this in my life. I can finally goggle myself and I am even on some of the Ukrainian websites. It’s really a surreal feeling when I see myself all over the world.”

Sasha explains that her parents have been a major part of her support system: “They are really excited now. As expected, they were a bit skeptical at first but after seeing everything, they couldn’t be happier for me. I always miss the Ukraine but there is no getting rid of the Ukrainian spirit in me! Luckily I can still keep in close contact with my friends and family that live in the Ukraine over Facebook and Twitter.”

Considering the positive feedback she has been receiving Sasha remains incredibly humble regarding that fact, “I really haven’t received any negative comments since I started working for Playboy which gets me really excited to see what the future holds!”