Piranha 3D – DVD Review


Was Piranha really that good of a film when it came out in 1978? Obviously, it was better than I thought because director Alexandre Aja decided to take a stab at becoming the third person to make the film when he brought it to theatres in 3D in 2010. Now out on Blu-Ray and DVD in 2D and 3D versions, Piranha still makes me wonder if it was that good of a movie to begin with, regardless of whatever “D” someone chooses to shoot it in.

After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area’s new razor-toothed residents in this familiar story. The film has bountiful scenes of blood and nudity throughout.

Overly done with average “Made for TV” styled CGI, Piranha could have benefited from a more natural feel like Jaws or even Free Willy with replicas rather than obscenely obvious animated fish. There is little flaw with the cast, led by an opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss that could have benefitted from better animations. Christopher Lloyd and Jerry O’Connell lead the ensemble cast that also features Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Kelly Brook, Ving Rhames and Eli Roth through a well told story which evokes some of the same horror and shock that Jaws had.

Gory and sexy at the same time, this action thriller shows its teeth on occasion and can both scare the squeamish and provide a chuckle or two to horror fans with the same scene. There are also plenty of hard bodies in the movie, led by Playboy cover girl Brook, who bares all in a beautiful underwater sequence that can be seen through a glass bottom boat and in the water itself. She takes the movie from 3D to a 3DD!

I’m tossed on my feelings with Piranha because the film was quite enjoyable on many levels, but I just kept getting distracted by those darn animated fish whenever they came around. Here’s hoping the rumoured Piranha 3D sequel spends a bit more time and money on the CGI and becomes the strongest marine horror film of all time.