November 28, 2022

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Pilot crashes at Santo Domingo airport, killing all on board – Telemundo New York (47)

Santo Domingo – Nine people were killed when a plane crashed while trying to make an emergency landing at Santo Domingo International Airport.

Among the dead was Puerto Rican recton producer Jose Angel Hernandez, known as “Flo la Movie”, who was traveling with four relatives, including his partner Debbie Jimenez and two children, according to airline data. Access.

In addition to Hernandez and Jimenez, Gaillian Hernandez Pena, Jayton Hernandez, Eleanor Jaishleimer Melandes Jimenez and Jaziel Yaptiel Silva were killed.

The other three dead were two pilots, Luis Alberto Eljury and Victor Emilio Herrera, one a Dominican national and the other a Venezuelan, and a Dominican maid named Veronica Estrella.

The private plane took off from La Isabella Airport in Santo Domingo at 5:09 pm, departing for Orlando, Florida, operated by the Dominican company Helitosa.

According to Aerodom, the airport’s operator, the plane crashed 16 minutes after attempting to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles near the southern end of the runway, but just outside the perimeter of the airport.

Brigadier General Emmanuel Saufrant Tamayo, director of the Air Accident Investigation Commission, told Efe over the phone that “all passengers died as a result of the impact of the device”.

Establishing the causes of the accident is still “premature”, “we began with a survey to begin the investigation process, listening to the control tower’s records,” Souffront said, among other things, from the crash site. .

After departing from La Isabella International Airport, it was confirmed that Flight IV Flight had some sort of incident.

Helitosa, the private airline that owned the damaged plane, reported the incident in a statement and estimated the number of people on board to be nine, even though there were seven passengers and two crew.

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Similarly, he prepared himself for the Civil Aviation Board to co-operate with investigations into the incident.

The crash closed Los Americas Airport for more than two hours, forcing one flight to be canceled, diverting nine passenger planes and one cargo plane, and delaying the departure of nine planes, according to information from Aerodom.