December 1, 2022

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Photos: They release the most detailed photo of Rembrandt ‘The Night Watch’ to date with a resolution of 717 gigapixels.


5 One 2022 02:00 GMT

A total of 8,439 personal photos taken with the 100-megapixel camera make up the overall image of the canvas.

717 gigapixels resolution, ie 717,000,000,000,000 pixels, National Museum of Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum) General This January 3, 1642 is considered to be one of the most famous photographs of the masterpiece ‘The Night Watch’ and one of the most famous by the Dutch painter Rembrandt.

The distance between two pixels is 5 microns (0.005 millimeters), which means that each pixel contains a fraction smaller than that of erythrocytes or blood cells. Equipped with a 100 megapixel camera, the experts total one by one 8,439 photos To reflect every minute piece of the painting. Artificial intelligence (AI) was then used to attach small images. Final file Pesa 5,6 terabytes, They noted from the museum.

The image is available on the company’s website, where each user can zoom in and view it Small paint particles. A gift that all visual arts enthusiasts should appreciate, especially considering the closure of the Rijksmuseum Museum due to a corona virus infection, reports Dutch News.

By 2020, the museum was already in place Published Awesome photo of ‘The Military Company of Captain Franz Bonnick Cock and Lieutenant Willem von Ruidenberg’ (real name of the painting) with a resolution of 44.8 gigapixels.

In addition, restoration work was completed this June, which allowed the use of AI to restore the edges of the canvas cut in 1715 so that it could move between the two gates of the Dutch capital’s city hall.

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