December 7, 2022

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Photos: The rover diligently makes its first ride on the surface of Mars

The NASA device traveled 6.5 meters in 33 minutes.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully completed this March 4th His first walk on the surface of Mars, Reports the American Space Agency.

Machine The total 6.5 meter journey is 33 minutes. After advancing 4 meters, the rover turned left at a 150-degree angle and fell 2.5 meters behind its new temporary parking space. This maneuver is a test of taxi and mobility, which is one of the important milestones of the mission as team members diligently check and measure every system, sub-system and tool.

“This is the first opportunity to kick the tires and go diligently for a spin. The six-wheeled rover ride responded very well. Now our drive system is fine and we believe it has the capability to take us anywhere. The next two years of science will take us to the rover’s motion testing engineer.” Said Anees Sarifian.

When the rover begins to track its scientific goals, experts Expect regular trips of 200 meters or more.

In addition, another significant milestone occurred on March 2, when engineers spent two hours testing the condition of a two-meter-long robotic arm and scientific instrument.

“This Tuesday’s first test of the robot arm is a great moment for us,” said Robert Hawk, deputy director of perseverance. “This is the main tool used by the scientific team to study the geological characteristics of the Jessero Valley,” the expert added.

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Diligent work aims at astronomical research and the search for signs of ancient microbial life on Mars. In addition, the rover will collect data on the geography and climate of the Red Planet Will save the regolith (Fragments of rocks, minerals and dust remaining on the surface of the planet), paving the way for future human exploration of Mars.

And perseverance Trying to produce oxygen From carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere. The research project is designed to last at least two Earth years, although it will most likely last a long time.