Philly Radio Station Knows How To Throw An MMR-B-Q

3 Doors DownMMRBQ 2011 Live!
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, New Jersey
May 22, 2011

Photos by: Steve Trager

As we look forward to another great summer with some of the best outdoor summer all day events, there is no better way to celebrate just that with another annual tradition of an all day festival style radio event known as the MMR-B-Q. Now in it’s 6th year, this Philly rock station not only has captivated the avid listener with the best new rock but has also never forgotten their radio roots celebrating 43 years with always moving forward and never loosing site of what the listener wants to hear. Without rock radio most of us the music fan would find ourselves under a rock. As 93.3 WMMR rounded out another great all day show this year which featured many of the Bands we love all these years.

Numerous bands on this bill have headlined their own respected tours, but to combine the likes of Papa Roach, Seether, and Alter Bridge, you have a great combination that truly sets the rock mood. Other great stellar performances were from Apocalyptica who can twist some great symphonic metal from Metallica Chello style especially opening with “Master of Puppets” and going into “Enter Sandman”. As well as pulling out the biggest hit that broke this band from Finland “I Don’t Care”

Thanks to WMMR for introducing us to a great Band who broke radio silence with   “Kryptonite” which spun 3 Doors Down into a successful Band.  Their live show is always great, upbeat, and entertaining. While 3 Doors Down does have some heavy hitters gracefully glued inside their musical career as Band, 3 Doors Down featured some new material from an upcoming release of all new recordings.

The entire day long show featured Bands that have made a true staple in music with memorable hits that can be often heard throughout the airwaves not just on WMMR but any rock format station, Perhaps the greatest time at any all day summer show is that you get to experience some bands you never seen or heard of before while waiting for your favorite to hit the stage. Music has no boundaries or limits. We all enjoy something different in the form of music yet; a live show like this gives the music fan the greatest opportunity to soak up all the music one can endure in ten hours.

There is nothing like a live show especially when it comes to an all day traditional rock show like the MMR-B-Q. Perhaps one of the finest radio events in Philadelphia Pa.
To see more photos of the bands that were in the MMRBQ please click on the names and it will take you to their gallery. Other bands that were at the MMRBQ that have a photo galary are Rev Theory, Finger Eleven and Sick Puppies.

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