Philly Jingle Ball Drops Stellar Record Sell Out

Flo Rida at Jingle Ball Concert
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, Pa                             
December 7, 2011                           
Photos: Steve Trager                 
For more then a decade in the Philadelphia radio market, we have been truly blessed with one of the greatest annual winter favorites simply known to the world as the Jingle Ball. Over the years the Jingle Ball has shed the limelight on various multiplatinum stellar artists such as Jonas Brothers, Pink, 98 Degrees, Adam Lambert and Katy Perry who have all graced the same stage during the yearly traditional show.  For the avid music fanatic who thrives on attending events like this, the 2011 Jingle Ball was truly over the top with a blend of iconic artists that have crossed boundaries in the music world both with rising top ten radio singles, and platinum selling records combined outshines especially at a radio event much like the Jingle Ball. 
As the rumors began to leak out about who might be performing at the 2011 Jingle Ball, you could just feel the excitement growing in the back of your head as far back as early September when the announcement first broke on the air of Q102 Radio. Like most radio events, you often keep your fingers crossed that each announced artist actually does perform somewhere in the event during the course of the show.
Avril LavingeUnlike any typical radio event, the Jingle Ball has become a year end celebration for the passionate music enthusiast who thrives on music in any form these days. The experience of the Jingle Ball alone will never compare to say a typical show simply because Q102 puts together such a well rounded blend of musical talent that Philly fans love year after year. Although I have had the greatest opportunities to attend countless Jingle Balls in the past, this one out shines every previous Jingle Ball I can remember .This prestigious event had not one but two stages surrounding the 18,500 fans inside the Wells Fargo Center. The “B” Stage featured performance by Joe Jonas as a solo artist, Patrick Stump, former vocalist of Fall Out Boy, and pop sensation Karmin who, all played 20 minute sets. 
LMFAO at Jingle Ball concert in PillyThe real entertainment behind the Jingle Ball in 2011 was the main stage which featured new faces and some old favourites. The show kicked off with All Time Low performing a quick set around 5 pm – at that point you keep your fingers crossed that every other artist hits the stage on time and doesn’t over lap into the next performance.
With outstanding performances from the likes of Kelly Clarkson to Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne on the main stage, it was hard to really point the finger at who was better. The actual main highlight of this whole event was Big Time Rush from Nickelodeon, who sounded great, but also had the boy bandish charm that makes any younger girl simply driven to tears in the front row. The ear pitched squealing the minute these guys hit the stage soared right though the roof of Wells Fargo Center to a point where I couldn’t hear myself think .
Other great sets spawned from Gym Class Heroes who earlier graced Philly at the annual Warped Tour to LMFAO, who at one point earlier in 2011 had the best selling album on Billboard’s Top 100.
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Avril Lavigne
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Big Time Rush
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Flo Rida
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Kelly Clarkson
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Demi Lovato
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Patrick Stump
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Gym Class Heroes
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All Time Low
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