September 29, 2022

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PGR released spying machines under the administration of Jean Allen

Ramon Cruz Benson, Yadimir Crespo, Utelka Tomanzuez, Salo Motta, Heleni Ambro

Former Republican Attorney General Jean-Alain Rodriguez may have purchased special counter-intelligence equipment intended to be used irregularly and in prosecutors’ investigations, but according to inquiries they were used in one of his vacation homes.

It is a backpack type signal blocking device and anti-drone equipment purchased from the Altale Group for $ 3.9 million.

The purchase of the aforementioned equipment was made on July 27 at the request of Wilmie Duran, an assistant attorney for the former attorney, who said the case should be used in investigative work when needed.

The then Director of Information and Communication Technology (DTIC) of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Javier Alejandro Fortesa Barbera, received the above equipment at the request of a level of persuasion put forward by the Ministry of Public Works.

Later, Fortesa Ibra issued a certificate on August 14, 2020 stating that the equipment had been delivered to the prosecutor’s office on August 12, 2020.

Lawyers say they were able to verify in an interview with independent lawyer Sonny Adriano Rosario Jose that Jean-Alain Rodriguez asked him for help at a meeting in his office: his attorney’s office to sign one of the communications that indicated he had received an antitron, with the pretext of using it at the border.

However, the real purpose of the device was used to “fight illegal intelligence” in one of his homes.

At the end of August 2020, the Independence Finance Attorney received a call from the attorney’s assistant asking him to return the device to PGR.

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On September 2, 2020, Sony a. Rosario sent a letter of request to Emil Andres Alvarez, who appeared on the list of persons hired by the PGR for April 2020 as technical support for the Office of the Independent Attorney.

According to a document deposited by the Ministry of Public Administration last Wednesday night, Alvarez met a military man who gave him a box containing the device so he could return it to the company.

The search request put forward by the lawyers before Judge Kenya Romero states that no official record of this supply has been found, which is the person who managed the purchase of p equipment fire equipment, communication technology, not in the Department of Information, under any affiliation of the Ministry of Public Works.

As of August 16, 2020, this information was collected as a result of a freight process carried out by the administration of the current Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam German Britto.

After deepening the investigation, authorities are demanding action against the perpetrators, who have confirmed that the drone was fraudulently purchased as PGR’s fixed assets for use in a holiday villa owned by former lawyer Rodriguez in Gaza. De Combo.

“They spied and intercepted communications from staff and hundreds of citizens on the spy machine for the purpose of spying and extorting money and keeping privileged information,” prosecutors point out in their investigation.

But last July was not the first and only time one of these devices was acquired. In 2018, a similar device was purchased to block the signal in one of the new model prisons, which was obtained by the accused Javier Alejandro Fortesa Ibra.

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However, according to Hilda Patricia Lacombra, director of the prison management model, there are no signal jammers in the country’s prisons and jails.

Operation Medusa
The most recent investigation into the scandal by the Ministry of Public Administration was called “Operation Medusa”, in which former lawyer Rodriguez was implicated; Rafael Antonio Mercedes Martே; Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto; Rafael Kane Sacco; Javier Alejandro Fortesa Ibra; Rodriguez Impert; Jenny Marte Pen; Alejandro Martin Rosa Lance; Braulio Michael Batista Reyes; Maria Josephina Azhar Thias and Johannathan Medina Reyes.

In addition, Altagracia Gillan Calcado, Miguel Jos மோ Moya, Amelia Isabel Escano, Mercedes Camille Salceto Tisla, Ronnie Rafael Corporean, Francis Ramரேrez Moreno and Ney Arnoldo Cagavelli Guevara.

Last Wednesday night, prosecutor Mirna Artis deposited the coercive action at the Ciudad Nuva Palace.

The group, which has been accused of being part of the criminals’ association, was asked to prosecute the state, other illegal activities such as a coalition of officials, electronic crimes and money laundering, preventive detention and declare the case complicated.