December 10, 2022

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Pfizer’s Govit-19 vaccine requires a third dose – health

Two doses are not enough. Uzur Zahin, co-founder of the German company Bioendech, said this week that the Pfizer-Bioentech’s Govt-19 vaccine would require a third booster.

During a video conference, Sahin pointed out that this extra dose was necessary to maintain the high level of protection provided by the vaccine, and estimated that it should be administered between 9 and 12 months after the first injection.

He explained that studies show that the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time and decreases from 95% to 91% in the first six months.

“After eight months, we see a reduction in the antibodies produced by the vaccine. That is why we need a third dose to bring the vaccine closer to 100%,” he said.

The possibility of a third booster for this vaccine was already suggested in mid-April by Pfizer CEO Albert Burla.

In his opinion, Sahin pointed out that it is necessary for people to be regularly vaccinated against Govt-19 every year or every 18 months on a regular basis.

Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine is based on messenger RNA technology. Same as the vaccine used by Moderna.

Stephen Boncel, the company’s chief executive, told CNBC in mid-April that they were working on creating a booster dose that they believed would be ready by the fall of 2021. Immunity against new strains of corona virus that provide this booster boost.

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