Peter Benchley’s Amazon Complete Series – DVD Review

Peter Benchley's Amazon

I have to be honest. One of my favourite types of DVD sets are those that are complete, like a trilogy set or a complete TV series. I’ve never been a fan of “season” collections – just give me the whole shebang in one box. So when Alliance announced the complete series of Peter Benchley’s Amazon was hitting DVD shelves, I knew it was a no-brainer. And even more special was the fact that this collection, created by the author of Jaws, would only be available in Canada.
When a commercial airliner en route to Rio de Janeiro crashes in the Amazon jungle, a small group of survivors, lost and presumed dead, begins the impossible search for a way out. But they are not alone…buried in this continent-wide setting is the Ghost Tribe, descendants of European settlers shipwrecked more than 300 years ago, along with indigenous populations–both human and animal–who are fiercely protective of their territory. The reluctant newcomers have one thing in common with each of these groups: the ceaseless struggle to survive in the most dangerous and terrifying environment on earth.
The 22 episode collection of the 1999 television series focused, for the most part, on the six survivors of the crash. This one-season syndicated series features similar characters, personalities and overall premise to Lost, with the only real difference being the lack of both flashbacks and modern science fiction tricks.
Amazon was one of the best Canadian productions for its time. The writing is good, the acting is superb (headed by a small cast featuring C. Thomas Howell as Dr. Alex Kennedy) and a good mix of jungle scenery which was more reminiscent of the higher end movies rather than a Gilligan’s Island knock-off.
It’s a good collection and a decent full-frame video transfer. At 22 episodes, it won't take a lifetime to watch.