Pestilence Break 15 Years Of Silence For Vancouver Fans

PestilencePestilence / Tyrants Blood / Sinned / Fallen Decade
The Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC
June 11th

By Charlene Tupper

The 15 year silence of Pestilence has been broken. The band made their victorious come back to Vancouver this evening and they have come back with “Lost Souls”. The evening consisted of three Vancouver local bands. Fallen Decade, Sinned, and the legendary Tyrants Blood opening the show. The first band to perform that evening was a newer local metal band Fallen Decade. They formed late November, 2008 and have since released their debut album “Under No God”. The album has nine tracks, filled with crisp, clear riffs that are in your face and open for your ears. Their performance was phenomenal. I was quite surprised by the band, which showed they have the chemistry to put on a good show filled with energy and power.

The second band to perform was Sinned. This death metal band has played its share of local shows around the Lower Mainland area. The band consists of a few familiar local faces like David London, who is also the guitarist and singer for Gross Misconduct. Sinned independently released a nine track album in 2004, which if you are a fan of Suffocation or Morbid Angel is your brand of death metal. Their set consisted of about five to six songs, most from their “Envy” self-released album. Their sound is very solid, harsh – everything you’d want from a death metal band.

Tyrants Blood is one of Vancouver’s pride and joy’s since 2006. Shy of one member, singer Brian “Messiah” Langley is doing double duty by adding guitar to his plate – he easily picks up where their previous guitarist left off. They have recently released a full length album from Invictus Productions, called “Crushing Onward into Oblivion” and have made a name for themselves within the local metal community. They are a step above most local bands touring vast distances like the USA, or even going to South America and playing shows in Brazil. Their 50 minute set consisted of new songs off their latest album and a selection of some of their older material. This death/thrash metal band definitely draws in large amounts of fans from far and wide and they let the axe fall into helm.

Pestilence, the band that has broken its 15 years of silence with a new line-up (Patrick Mameli being the only original member remaining), is ready to bring the “Second Life” of the band back into the world of death metal once again. They were a long lost voice of death metal many years ago in , but in the wake of tensions between members in 1994, the band went their separate ways, despite a rising success. The band members moved on except for Patrick, who was still recording material that he created from home. In 2009, he got a new line-up together with a new blood of European and American band members. They released an album called “Resurrection Macabre”  through Mascot Records and are planning on another release sometime in 2011.

This legendary death metal band blew the night away with their heavy riffs and deep vocals. You could feel his vocal vibrations go “Out of the Body”. The band played a variety of newer material, but also brought back some of the songs from the early days. The older songs brought numerous smiles to a group of fans that finally got to hear these songs played live once again.

We have to thank The Invisible Orange(Promotions) because, if it weren’t for them, Pestilence would have missed their chance to see their Canadian fans, who have waited over 15 years to see their heroes unite and tour once again.