December 10, 2022

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Peru vs Jamaica | How did the Peruvian team successfully see an X-X on Jamaica? NCZD DTCC | Game-total

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Demand was high in the first half, but like any training match against Jamaica, what Peruvian national team You have to look at the variations he had. Ricardo Carrega chose the alternate eleven They responded with a 3-0 win.

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Giorgio Concha completed the test, Luis Iberico scored his first goal, and if Alex Valera did not come at a good pace, the operation confirmed the attack. So, BICOLOR was ready to qualify to face Colombia and Ecuador in a week.

Thus, we saw the Eleventh Peruvian against Jamaica who tried to take advantage of their speed, but without precision would have made them more dangerous.

Pedro Kallis – 7

Always with safe hands. He will always appear when needed. Goalkeeper Barry showed that his performance was not affected.

Save Pedro Kallis against Peru.  Jamaica skipped 1-0.  (Video: Latin)
Peru VS. Jamaica skipped 1-0. (Video: Latin)

Alto Corso – 4

The bottom of the team. It does not contribute to the attack and, due to the low speed, suffers when attacked hand in hand.

Renzo Corse – 5

Christian Ramos is the perfect replacement, who felt the warm up. He had some doubts in the first half, but he cut well some reactions from the Jamaicans.

Alexander Collins – 6

The defense leader also showed his importance in the attack. He misjudged Jamaica’s header in the first half, but entered well to center Iberico’s goal.

Nilsson Loyola – 5

The lateral path is important. He lacked the precision to connect with the team’s game, but he always had the option of going out on the left.

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Josephmir Balone – 6

A player who covers all places well when the wings are projected or when there is a gap in the defense. Good income from privacy.

Yoshimir Yodun – 6

The left-handed player should have more minutes and when he changed his touch well, he was the team driver. Although it was difficult to keep up with Gonza in the beginning, he became the owner of the ball in the second half.

Yoshimer Yaton Jamaica by Yoshimer Uden (Video: Latin)
Yoshimer Yaton Jamaica by Yoshimer Uden (Video: Latin)

Sergio Pena – 6

He returned to play two months later and wanted to be the team’s driver. Together with Concha they created the best of BICOLOR.

Zyro Concha – 6

With more movement, he showed he could be an interesting bet on the Peruvian team. A partner like Peña, he was good at lecturing.

Giro Conza took an amazing shot and almost hit Peru.  Jamaica (Video: Latin)
Giro Conza took an amazing shot and almost hit Peru. Jamaica (Video: Latin)

Louis Iberian – 6

He started well in that area. He then launched an attack and closed a lead goal to reach a leading goal.

Iberico scores for Peru against Jamaica |  Source: Latin TV
The young striker scored the first goal for the Peruvian team. Source: Latin TV

Alex Valera – 6

The striker is taking advantage of opportunities in the best way. He missed a play in an incredible way, but in the next play he scored after recovering the ball himself.

Peru vs.  Jamaica: 2-0 at Alex Valera National Stadium (Video: Latin)
Peru vs. Jamaica: 2-0 at Alex Valera National Stadium (Video: Latin)

Horace Calcadera

He controlled the ball and went inside to rest Pena, who had not played for a long time.

Zilmer Lora

Brave on the right side, he did not have the speed to tackle Jamaica. Unlike Corzo, he was always looking in the opposite area.

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Gianfranco Chavez

Introduction to the Peruvian National Team for Defender. He had no major problems before the small attack of Jamaica.

Andy Polo

He entered to play in the left zone of the attack. Tactically, it always provides.

Oslim Mora

He entered an interior from the right, but had to show himself in a few minutes.

Jesus Castillo

He finally entered to give yotún rest.

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