December 10, 2022

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Peru vs Bolivia: What Betsen Inkabet and Te I Bet for Peru National Team La Paz NTC Success | Trends

The Peruvian choice He will arrive with his Bolivian counterpart to play another match for the 2022 Road First Qatar qualifier this Sunday at 3:00 pm at the Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium in La Paz.

After a crucial 2-0 victory at the National Stadium in Lima against Chile, Bicolor now faces the challenge of getting points at a point complicated by Bolivian height.

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With 11 points and seventh place will come with significant losses for Peru Las: Edison Flores and Renato Topia, for whom Oslim Mora and Horacio Calcadera were called up. Andre Carrillo will not take part in the fight due to injury, which will force coach Ricardo Carreca to make changes to his regular schedule. As if that weren’t enough, Paulo Guerrero was also stopped.

Gianluca Lapadula and the avid “Avatar” Serie B photo in Italy for him

Bolivia, trailing in the table after finishing ninth with 6 points, will define whether or not they can continue all the artillery for this important match in qualifying.

The Bolivian team decided not to field 7 of their regular openers to travel to Ecuador, losing 3-0 against them, to play all against Blanquiroja.

Bookmaker Conflicts for Peru and Bolivia

With the simple bet of a big win S / 10, you can take up to S / 28 with Betsafe and Betson, almost triple the amount spent. See the contradictions of all the bookmakers here.

Betting house Bolivia Fasten Peru
Betson 2.60 3.40 2.80
Betshef 2.60 3.40 2.80
Toradopet 2.57 3.25 2.71
Incapet 2.40 3.15 2.75
I bet you 2.60 3.30 2.7
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