August 9, 2022

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Pepe Aguilar and her children Angela and Leonardo wipe out the Jarrero Cinfranderos show in Monterrey

Pepe Aguilar with his children Angela and Leonardo.

Photo: Angel Lamas / Reform Agency

With a stage that is 100 percent open, Aguilas flew in the ring and spread their folk tales Saturday night with his show to 12 thousand spectators Borderless Zaripio 2022.

Zacatecas Dynasty Achieves First Week Concerts in Monterrey where State Health Secretariat allows full capacity Sold With his marathon show lasting more than three hours.

Led Pepe AguilarThe variety of family offerings they offered was the choice of the audience, mostly adults, however children and some minors followed AngelaFamous at the Awards for Best Latin Music, as recently happened at Low Neustro.

In the presence of Tony Aguilar Son and Leonard Aguilar It is worth noting that with the participation of horsemen and bull riders, they also presented the Zaripio show, which gives the show its name.

With the support of Mariachi and the band, the Aguilars performed a wide range of songs.

While Angela shone in the interpretation of “La Malagua” and “La Lorona”, Pepe sang them “El Cavilansilo” and “Sabarita”, which began at 11:32 pm on her dance horse. The tradition started with his late father Antonio Aguilar, the pioneer of horse shows in Mexico.

Through the magic of the video, a person from Zacatecas in a saro costume sang a duet with El Fantasma on “Dus Despricios”. His fans also sang along.

As he walked around the stadium grounds, which was transformed into a ring, he gave his fans some wipes, thereby drying their sweat.

Then came the time to describe the memorable Sento as “Acá Entre Nos”, “Pátima que Seas Ajena” and “Hermoso Cariño”, which he recorded on a disk as a tribute. Vicente Fernandez Edited in 2013.

The man from Zacatecas remembered his father with one of his father’s greatest hits, “Que Me Bury with the Band”, which he performed again on horseback.

After two years of events and low-capacity concerts, the stadium lit up again on Saturday night, with 12,000 (official persons) illuminating it on the screens with their cell phones at the request of a message.

“Thanks Montessori, how wonderful!”, He expressed concern when he saw the crowded place.
An emotional moment came when father and daughter joined their voices and hands and performed both “Tu Sangre En Mi Kurbo” and “Prometheus”.

“Thank you so much for filling the 100 percent Mexican Monderi arena. See you next time,” the dynasty leader explained after midnight, “It’s too late in the morning.”

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