November 28, 2022

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Pedro Troclio’s first words as San Lorenzo’s new coach and how his relationship developed on his wedding day


Technician Pedro Troclio He became the new boss of San El Renzo in Argentina and had already given his first words to the leadership who contacted him. The day he married his beautiful wife Alejandra Alonso, he met the same day Matthias Lammens, Vice President of the Bodo Group.

Argentine journalist Newspaper El Clarin From Buenos Aires, Nahuel Lanzillotta revealed the details of how Troglio joined San Lorenzo, and on the same day he signed the marriage certificate he signed the word to leave the Olympia to join the South American team.

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Spokesman details and even a phrase Pedro told “Cuervo” leaders when they met to finalize their visit to the club. The journalist wrote: “Pedro Troglio became the manager of #SanLorenzo. On the same day he got married in civil law, he later met Lammens. Everything there was almost agreed upon. ” said.

According to Lancelot, it is not unreasonable to prioritize bringing reinforcements to the team and to think that Troclio Almagro can bring some Honduran reinforcement to the team because he had players he enjoyed with confidence like Edwin Rodriguez and Jose Mario Pinto. And goalkeeper Edrik Menzier who have played more than two and a half years.

With the exception of striker and goalkeeper Jerry Pengsen, who has already stepped foot in Argentine football, when he played in 16 games at Belgrano de Cordoba, only one goal was scored during the administration of coach Ricardo “Russo” Jilinsky.

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The same journalist, Troclio confirms the training staff in San Lorenzo, and he brings in the same trusted people he had at Olympia: the experienced Pablo Martin is going to be a physical trainer, his technical assistant being Gustavo Reggie and goalkeeping coach Peruvian Sergio Lopez. All were part of the four-time championship with the Lions.

For now, we are waiting for the official presentation in the next few hours because the coach has already left Olympia and lived two wonderful years and left the grateful fans as he regained the joy they lost from somewhere. For four empty years they only saw Diego Vasquez and Modagua celebrating their championship.