December 1, 2022

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Pedro Troclio gave a “yes” to San Lorenzo de Almagro, which could be made official this Wednesday


Pedro Troclio May be living his last hours as a technician Olympia Games From Honduras. It is only a matter of hours before the new leader of the Argentine strategist is announced San Lorenzo de Almagro From his home country.

According to Argentine media and press reports, the Tetra-champion strategist Honduras National League, Would have given a “yes” to the leadership of the hurricane and would have been named its successor Paulo Montero, Once a Uruguayan player Juventus Now a football coach.

That was reported in the afternoon Meet the order of the coach and the Catalans To talk about the upcoming plan for 2022 for this club that has not passed a good football moment.

A) Yes, Pedro Troclio Met with top officials San Lorenzo And according to the Argentine media, they were delighted with the current Helmsman exhibition. Olympiad Honduran.

Spokesperson Diego Arville, Information Specialist San Lorenzo, Went further and said that Troglio had agreed and it would be delivered in the next few hours. “It will be confirmed tomorrow morning that Pedro Troclio will be the new coach of San Lorenzo,” he said.

The offer for the South American team is, as reported by the country’s media, higher than what is currently being received. Olympiad, However, which is what moves Helmsman so much Lozan Stay close to your family.

It should be noted that in order to Pedro Troclio This will not be the first experience Argentina Super League, Since he previously directed Kodoi Cruise, Independent, Argentinos Juniors And La Plata’s Gymnastics and Fencing There, incidentally, is the statue of the fans.

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If the Argentina coach’s contract officially changes Pedro Troclio For the Bar பார்a team, leaving two and a half years of history OlympiadHe became a legend by being the most award-winning coach at the Katracha Institute for 109 years. No one won National League What he achieved; Four titles, leaving three trophies won Chelato Uclés, Nahun Espinosa Y Danilo Docello.