August 16, 2022

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Paulina Rubio’s mother and actress Susana Dozamondes has passed away

Mexico City /

An unfortunate news for the entertainment world this Saturday, when it was released Actress Susana Dozamondes has been confirmed deadMother of a Mexican singer Pauline Rubio.

Two lovers He passed away on Saturday 2nd July At the age of 74Around 11:00 am, At a hospital in Miami In America.

The The Mexican actress suffered from pancreatic cancerAn illness he had been battling for some time, He was even hospitalized since last April at Mount Sinai Medical Center Hospital in Miami.

for now

It is not known if singer Pauline Rubio accompanied her mother

Late in his life, due to his multiple commitments as a singer.

Paulina Rubio was with her

When it was revealed that Susana Dozamontes was diagnosed with cancer Last April, his daughter, Pauline RubioShe dedicated an emotional message to him on her social networks.

“We will move forward together and my hope for your speedy recovery is unbreakable. You are in very good hands and I know the doctors treating you are doing so from their hearts. Susanna, I don’t have to say, because you already know: I love you, and we will always smile and walk hand in hand.“, he added.

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