September 29, 2022

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Paul Pogba created ‘A Cristiano Ronaldo’ and took the Heineken bottle

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Paul Pogba A Cristiano Ronaldo‘When set aside A bottle of beer Before the start of the press conference he gave after the French victory over Germany.

French, who Says the Islamic religion, In which the consumption of liquor was not permitted, he made no comment, and simply removed the bottle Heineken, One of the biggest supporters of the Eurocup.

A few minutes ago, the player named himself The best player of the tournament, In recognition of that liquor, for his outstanding performance in France’s victory over Germany.

The catastrophe caused by Cristiano

A few hours later Cristiano Ronaldo received Pogba’s gesture Take coke bottles They were placed on the table, however he invited her to drink water instead of that drink.

That gesture cooler company’s stock fell and the losses are estimated to have reached $ 4 billion.

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