May 19, 2022

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Paramedics take former militant Wilfred Gomez to hospital

Former World Boxing Champion Wilfredo GomezVenus Garden in San Juan was evicted this afternoon from a home he owned in the city, by court order.

Gomez, 65, was removed from his home in a wheelchair with the help of police and paramedics.

The police faced a woman’s opposition to the house with Gomez. Live pictures of Telemundo showed her sitting in a wheelchair, aggressively, with a cane in her hands. Initially, she did not cooperate in opening the house to remove Gomez.

According to Telenottius, Gomez’s relatives have asked the court to remove Gomez from the house, where he is accused of living in an inhumane manner and restricting access to his family and son. The front of the house has at least some tall grass.

Gomez was seen with a grown beard and swollen legs. There are also signs of an injury to his legs.

Relatives of the boxing Hall of Fame member attended the home, including his legal wife, Carolina Campova, Telemundo reported.

Gomez’s relatives have accused Gomez of restricting his freedom, not allowing her to communicate with him and fearing for his physical safety.

The person who went with him was not identified.

It will be taken to a hospital company.

The complaint (2022-1-262-0812) was filed by his legal wife, Carolina Gomez Kampova, at 1:59 pm today, after she and her son went to court to seek an order under Act 408. The government accepts his custody when the process is clarified, as Puerto Rico’s mental health is arbitrarily allowed into an institution to receive the necessary treatment.

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Agent Ariel Cortero investigated the situation and did not interfere with the woman inside the house.