Papa Roach Shake The Walls In Vancouver

Papa RoachPapa Roach
Commodore Ballroom
February 28, 2011
Concert Photos By: Whitney Bragagnolo

After watching the less-than-impressive sized crowd smash into the barricades, a sea of devil horns and a frenzy of hungry chants welcomed Vacaville, California rockers Papa Roach back to Vancouver at the Commodore last night. As the house lights began to fall, Papa Roach doesn’t ever just arrive, they erupt: louder than hell and shaking  the F#** out of the walls at the Commodore as they exploded  through their first song “Kick In The Teeth” the first single of their most recent studio release, 2010’s “Time For Annihilation”.

My first time hearing the new material of Papa Roach live, it was an interesting weave of their past and present styles, all the while staying true to their trademarked volatile percussion and razor sharp edgy pop rock riffs. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix wailed through the single with his wickedly raw, gut-wrenching vocal style and his aggressive and commanding stage demeanour.

The band played through their recognizable radio hits assuring the approval of the younger groups in the crowd who were fist pumping along as well as taking over the role of  lead vocals during the ballads "Lifeline" and "Forever", singles from  their 2007 and 2009 releases, The Paramour Sessions and Metamorphosis, respectively.

After observing Papa Roach play in over a dozen festivals across North America I was particularly interested in catching them in a intimate venue such as the Commodore, the band always puts on live performances which are outstanding, explosive and raw.  Papa Roach is one of the few bands I’ve seen that I believe is extremely underrated for the type of performance they deliver. They’ve never played a boring show,  and now touring in support of their sixth studio album it seems that the band has made their concerts into an even bigger demonstration, yet the vibe hasn’t changed from back in their beginnings: the stage is stripped, no gimmicks just fueled by pure energy and raw rock and roll.

After touring hard for well over a decade the band has more than enough stamina to make it through a set of their rambunctious anthems. I have a lot of respect for the appreciation this band has for their fans and for their love of their music. Never have I seen a show where this band doesn’t give 110%, whether they play for 300 or 30,000 the show is always confrontational, brutally honest, fiercely ballsy, and infectious.

Infectious indeed, as I watched several fans fiercely unleash themselves over the moshpit to the barricades, to where I witnessed the bloodiest injury I have ever seen in a pit in a long time as some fist pumping maniac missed the arms of the guards and smoked his head on the barricade, he wasn’t leaking, he was pouring blood out of his head grasping the gushing blood but still screaming along to “Getting Away With Murder”. A true die-hard.  Surprisingly, Papa Roach fans are among the craziest.

Shaddix is one of few front-men who make a point to connect to his fans. He always gives the unsuspecting moshpit a scare and last night at the Commodore was no different as he relentlessly leaped off the stage onto the barricade and launched himself into the crowd while ferociously tearing through the track “Blood Brothers”, he always will go the limit to give his fans a memorable experience.

In addition to Blood Brothers, the guys always make a point of giving their older diehard fans a taste of their origins by blasting through “Broken Home”, and the vicious, verbal assaulting rap-rock fusions “Between Angels and Insects” and “Last Resort” all singles off of their 2000 album Infest. An appropriate end for the show, unleashing the demons of their past from the dirty tombs and the dark shadows that Papa Roach once lived under. Five simple words, and yet again, but louder and more explosive the crowd detonates into a bloody rock and roll frenzy…as quickly as the words leave Shaddix’ mouth "Cut my life into pieces…" they erupt.

“We always love coming to Vancouver, the turnout?..well lets not talk about it..” said Shaddix with a grin as he talked to Rockstar Weekly after the show, “but MAN were they FU**ING wild, tonight was insane, they were the little crowd that could, and did they ever.”

Papa Roach