November 28, 2022

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Palmeiras removes Atletico Mineiro and repeats the final de Libertadores

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Palm trees Will protect the title Liberators Cup When drawing with 1-1 Atletico Miniro This Tuesday Belo HorizonteThe result, after a 0-0 draw in the first leg, helped him reach the final of the Continental Series.

‘Vertavo’ by the Portuguese Abel Ferreira Thanks for an entry left behind a powerful payout Tudu At 68 ‘, it cooled the ground Minirao, About 18 thousand people entered there.

The spectator goal was enough for the Ballists to qualify for the sixth final Liberators And to be excited about his third crown in the Premier Club competition United StatesAfter receiving in 1999 and 2020.

“We will defend the title on November 27th [en la Final en Montevideo], We are very ready and focused to win the championship twice, ”Tudu said.

The Miner Hulkin, Ignacio Fernandez And Diego Costa Due to injury- he advanced to the goal with Chile’s Eduardo Vargas at the age of 52, but suffered from counter-attacks Palm trees, It also received the support of the goalkeeper again Weverton.

Against the finals of the Libertadores 2021

In the finals Emerald will come out on top as the main winner between the rivals Barcelona from Ecuador And Flamenco, Brazil It will collide Wednesday in Guayaquil. ‘Fla’ won the first match 2-0.

Giant Weverton

Again, to show a victory, the fear of failure prevailed over the desire to win. Although ‘MiniraoThere were only more emotions in the first half than there were in the first half in Sao Paulo.

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‘Celino’ won the race against the Hulk at 14 ‘after a mistake by goalkeeper Luan, avoiding the fall of his fence by dismissing two left-foot wins by Fernandes and former Porto.