September 30, 2022

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Pablo Aguilar Cruz asks for reinforcement in defense for Azul: I’m getting old

Mexico City /

Pablo Aguilar, Cruz Azul’s central defender, Approved Urgent As the Paraguayan highlighted it, the club is already in a position to have a defender in that position. He and Julio Caesar Dominguez (With 34 people each) They can no longer bear the pace of competition Especially this semester, the machine is committed to the Liga MX and Concacaf with the Champions League.

My comrade Ketta and I are already a little old and I think we can not bear all this. This will be important to us with the competition you can because you offer your best. In my case there are only two of us and one more from the U-20, because in that sense we have to be honest Yes, we need it, we need that competition”, He said at a virtual conference this afternoon.

And there is no doubt that the sky template is needed Update your security Aguilar and Kota will return to the defensive team they have had since 2018 under his leadership.

“It simply came to our notice then. Sturdy defense is good for any team. We must live up to the promises that will be made to us and the demands that we will receive. We have to be realistic, You relax a bit when someone is not patting you on the heel“It’s not like our case, but it always happens. It’s good to have someone behind you who wants you,” he said.

Retirement in Paraguay is a priority for Publito

Pablo’s future this summer Returning to his home country, he retires from the courts, The defender approved it during these months Let’s analyze the situation to proceed in the machine, Although the chances are not high.

I can not close the doors, But my goal is to return (to Paraguay) or look for other avenues for family and find time to be with them. That is what we are looking for now. There are still three or four months to analyze everything, but everyone knew the idea from the beginning. “


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