August 20, 2022

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Owners will vote for the continuation of Gerardo Martino; Miguel Herrera, Plan b

Owners of Mexican football will evaluate Gerardo Martino’s work and continue to vote for him as captain of the Mexican national team.

Continuation of Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino On top of that Mexican team The end of the eliminator will be decided by ballot after reviewing their work Qatar 2022. Plan B will be the coach of Tigris. Michael HerreraSaid the journalist ESPNJohn Sutcliffe.

Work Gerardo Martino It has been called into question due to issues with the need to guarantee the existence of a tricolor flag at the World Cup, with one match remaining, which has not yet been approved. Qatar 2022.

In addition, Tricolor promised to renew the team, which did not happen, so they bet the same players who were in the last cycle aside the youngsters.

Martino Has amassed four games without defeating the United States and is in Third place in the balanceBelow the Stars and Stripes team, and Canada’s qualifying team.

TO ‘Tata’ MartinoAs every year, you will be asked to calculate the performance of your group, and its continuity will be analyzed by poll. Qatar 2022.

Will be a budding technician Michael Herrera, Coach of Tigress and former coach of the United States. ‘Piojo’ coincided with Jon de Louisa in Aquilas, and together they made the Azulkrima Club shine at that time.

Now, கொல்லன் He is in charge of the LTTE, which is directly qualifying for the league stage, and he is a replacement candidate Gerardo ‘Tata’ MartinoIf Argentina does not continue in his post.

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Mexico To avoid the playoffs and qualify directly for the World Cup must win or draw with El Salvador, which may be the last game. ‘Tata’ Martino In front of the tricolor flag.