September 23, 2021

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Owner change, new technician and reliable porters

The herd’s social networks were filled with demands from annoyed Atletico fans demanding drastic changes at the Guadalajara company.

A section of Shivas fans protested against their board of directors, players and coaching staff. Through social networks, followers have heard of significant changes and drastic measures for the improvement team in achieving positive results in this opening 2021.

Release Victor Manuel Vusetich The main theme played after the technical direction of the teamHerd defeat against Lyon Fifth day. Many comments offer alternatives to this post. Most notable coaches: Marcelo Gallardo and Jaime Lozano.

Among the most pessimistic comments, there was a return Matos AlmeidaWhomever they see as the team’s rescuer, he couldn’t take a good step because of the MLS San Jose earthquake.

Another issue that fans are desperately demanding is departure Roll Gudino Y Jose Antonio Rodriguez Rojiplanka Goal and hire a top level goalkeeper. Just like Oswaldo Sanchez was at the time, Atletico fans are asking for a goalkeeper as a team symbol.

In addition, followers continue to regret leaving Rodolfo Cotta, With him the Rojiplanka team was the champion in Clausura 2017 against Tigris.

The third slogan is sales of equipment, as they do not consider Amury Vergara It was harshly criticized from their point of view that the Mexican businessman was fit to be brought into the team and that he liked other areas like cinema.

Given this, they asked Amari Good to sell the team. They even asked that Soul ‘Canalo’ Alvarez On more than one occasion, boxer Rojiplanco will buy the team despite announcing he is not interested in getting the club.

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In addition to criticism Amury Vergara, Even appeared Against bad comments Ricardo Belize, The current sports director, he is no longer seen as one of the best managers MX League They think he spent a lot of money not to see the results from the team.

Between accounts Twitter e Instagram Of Sivas, The demands of a section of these Rojiblanka fans were heard angrily at the Akron Stadium, where Wusetich departs this Wednesday.