September 29, 2022

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One study found that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may develop long-term immunity


A scientific study on Monday revealed that Pfizer and Moderna trigger vaccines An immune response that can protect against COVID-19 for many years, Which will delay the need for a booster dose.

“This is a good indication of how long the vaccine has been immunizing,” said Ali Elebedi, an immunologist at the University of Washington in St. Louis. Natural. In statements The New York Times, The scientist noted that this research messenger has only seen formulas that use RNA technology, but also expects the immune response to these vaccines to be high.

Researchers recruited 41 people (eight of whom had a Govt history) who received two levels of Pfizer, and isolated 14 of them. Samples of lymph nodes several times: At three, four, five, seven and 15 weeks after the first dose, to analyze the evolution of the immune response and so-called “memory cells”, Those who are trained to identify and fight the virus.

The team found that 15 weeks after the first dose of the vaccine, the germ center was still active in 14 of the participants, and the number of memory cells recognizing the corona virus had not decreased. “The fact that the reactions continued for almost four months after vaccination is a very good sign.“After infection, germ centers usually peak for a week or two and then subside,” Elebedi said.

“Usually, after four or six weeks there is not much left,” he said New York Times Deeptha Bhattacharya, an immunologist at the University of Arizona. But still Germ centers triggered by MRNA vaccines “still work, months later, there is not much decline in most people.”

(DPA / Europa Press)
(DPA / Europa Press)

In this way, the study suggests that the majority of people vaccinated with MRNA technology will be protected against coronavirus variants for a long time, at least, although the elderly, those with weakened immune systems, and those taking antidepressants may need boosters for immunity. For their part, those vaccinated with COVID-19 and later never needed a booster dose.

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Since it is practically impossible to predict how long this protection will last, the observation will continue and its work should be evaluated against new types.

At present, Pfizer and Moderna do not officially define whether a booster size is necessary, which depends on the health authorities of each country.

“I would be surprised if an annual booster shot is needed,” said Dr. Paul Affid, a vaccine specialist at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital who advises food and drug management.

I am very optimistic. I would not rule out the need for boosters, but the immune response is by far the most interestingSaid John Verry, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

Scientists are not yet aware of what is known as protective contact, and antibodies cannot defend themselves against the corona virus without additional help.

Anthony Fucci, the U.S. government’s top epidemiologist, told a Senate subcommittee weeks ago that vaccine protection would not be limitless. “At some point, I imagine we will need a reinforcement,” Fucci said. “What we’re finding out now is what that gap will be.”

If boosters are eventually needed, they are not needed all at once because the antibodies will gradually fade instead of suddenly disappearing.

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